Wednesday, September 05, 2012


I think growing up I was unique when it came to my food preference. Saturday night in my family was usually take out night. With five kids at the time, McDonalds was the majority vote. The only thing I found good there was their milk. I always went with my dad those nights and got take out at his favorite Chinese restaurant. During homemade meals I loved eating the vegetable except green beans. I always thought I hated green beans until I had them fresh and roasted.

I never was too concerned about my food intake. My mom did a good job of offering healthy snacks and meals. It was not until I was married and preparing for my own family that I really dove into nutrition.

I am not one of those moms who loses her baby weight in the first few months because of nursing. My body for some reason likes the very curvaceous body type. Those curves are not always in the ideal location. After each baby my body eventually loses most the weight just as I decide to get pregnant again.

I have seen all over Pinterest the most bizarre and extreme ways of losing weight. I am so disappointed when I see a friend pin one of these starvation/binge ways of losing weight. The only way that my weight has come off each time is having a well balanced meal plan heavy on the vegetables. Good protein, good fat, lots of veggies, little fruit, little grains, little dairy, and very little added sugar. I also need my vitamins. I take a B12, B complex, Vitamin D 5000iu, and omega 3,6,9. I had my blood tested to see what areas I was low. It helps a lot with my daily energy and metabolism.

I was burned out from school after I graduated with my PE degree. I thought my undergrad was just fine and I never wanted to go back. I still get a pit in my stomach every time I drive past Arizona State University during visits home. Finally a few months ago I was bit with the education bug. I finally found a subject that I would love to go back to school for. Nutrition, specifically pediatric nutrition.

Our bodies are pretty amazing. I want to learn how food effects our bodies. I want to know what foods are good for different behavioral problems. I want to know the real science behind it. I want to better prepare meals for my family and help other families to do the same.

I am hoping this new desire to attend college will be a reality in the next few years. For now I will just have to stick with trial and error and picking apart different nutrition articles.

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  1. How funny. My degree is in art education and while i do make the steps to keep my certificate current (mostly by taking ceramics classes at the community college) i hope to never have to teach again! I told Nate when I go back to school I would like to be a nutritionist. I hate all those loose weight fast gimmicks out there too. I feel they are so damaging and then there is all this propaganda about foods. I want to be really educated and know what is best. But I want to do it for adults. I don't think I will go back to school for a long time though. Once all my kids are in school I might consider.