Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cary Scavenger Hunt

Our family had the opportunity to participate in the Cary Scavenger Hunt this past weekend. We more often avoid activities of this nature. We have fabulous kids with real struggles with spontaneity and transitions. We would have no tears if we could have the clues before hand and map out a plan of action. With this being a real competition for many others the clues before hand is not an option. We definitely were off to a rocky start. With not knowing where we were going and the in out of cars was not fun for a few of the kids. We were very close to calling it quits. After a few times of extreme tantrums we decided to take it very slow and take in all the cool things Cary has to offer. I love the history that is right around us.
Cary Scavenger Hunt 14
Local pharmacy in downtown Cary. They have a soda fountain and yummy hot dogs. 
Cary Scavenger Hunt 13
Random art.
Cary Scavenger Hunt 12
First high school in Cary.
Cary Scavenger Hunt 11
Cary Scavenger Hunt 10
Cary Scavenger Hunt 9
We found the oldest known cemetery in Cary that dates back to the Revolution. It is in the middle of neighborhood on a beautiful circle. There is also a small cemetery in the middle of one of the parks that I have frequently walked and ran the trails. I know its weird but I love cemeteries. I find them very peaceful.
Cary Scavenger Hunt 8
Cary Scavenger Hunt 7
Cary Scavenger Hunt 6
Cary Scavenger Hunt 5
Cary Scavenger Hunt 4
Cary Scavenger Hunt 3
Cary Scavenger Hunt 1
Dallin was feeling very patriotic. 
Cary Scavenger Hunt 2
Proof I was involved. I finally made an appearance. 

Little did we know that our slow poke attitude won us a prize for being the lowest scoring team. We won four tickets for the Triangle Food Tours. Yahoo!!!!

Overall I am glad we did it and hope to do it again. 

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