Monday, September 24, 2012

My D Boy

There is so much to say about this kid. He keeps our life interesting. He is so loving and happy. There is another side of him we have been trying to figure out the past year. It has been a challenge for me. I keep being told that he is just a boy and that's what they do. I don't usually like that reply because it does not answer anything for me. I enjoy my alone time with him while the girls are at school. He is a much more relaxed child. Here are a few photos he allowed me to take.
Dallin 14
He loves books.
Dallin 13
He is also very curious.  He will touch everything especially the things I ask him not to.
Dallin 12
Dallin 11
No I did not pose him. I was able to grab this photo as he was rolling over. He is quick.
Dallin 10
Dallin 9
He thinks it is fun to fall down.
Dallin 8
Dallin 7
Dallin 6
Dallin 5
Dallin 4
Dallin 3
Dallin 2
He thinks he jumps so high.
Dallin 1

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