Thursday, June 12, 2008

Funny conversations

I have so many funny things to share about my girls. Here are just a few.

The other week Brooklyn, Camden, and I ate dinner at the park. As we were leaving I began listing off the things that needed to be done before we went to bed. Brooklyn asked if we could count them together. We had four things to accomplish. After we finished counting the four things, Brooklyn was confused. Brooklyn said, "Mom I think we forgot something. My pinky does not have anything to do."

This past week my sister and her boyfriend were in town. Brooklyn was very nervous that my sis was bringing a boy. She kept saying she only wanted my sister and not a boy. The second day my sis and boyfriend were here we took a trip to the beach. It is only a two hour drive. Just a few minutes into the trip Brooklyn says, "Chase, Chase. I like you." By the time we were just a few minutes from the beach Brooklyn says, "Chase, Chase. I love you."

Today Brooklyn and I have been preparing things for Father's Day. After awhile Brooklyn ask, "When is it going to be Children's Day?" I told her every day is Children's Day.


  1. I guess Kate and Brooklyn must think alike. Kate wants to know when "Kid's Day" is. My response was the same as yours!

  2. How funny! I was going to say the same thing that Shannon said. My kids asked the same thing today. We also replied "everyday." We must have some pretty great kids!