Thursday, June 26, 2008

Durham Bulls Date

Tassi and I were treated by IBM to a free weeknight Durham Bulls game on Tuesday. They played the Dandusky Something Something. It was fun to be out and together. We saw some of my fellow IBMers at the game, including my manager and his family. I took some shady pictures with my phone...

Tassi and I speculated what the black fabric hanging from the building in right field was for. I claimed it was because the glass is perpendicular to the field, unlike the other glass in the building, thus it was more liked to break due to the massive amounts of home runs the minor league experiences. Tassi said it was because the sun is too bright for the sensitive lawyers that occupy the ground floor. So we asked. We were both partly right. The building is new this season. The angle of the window combined with the lights from the stadium were affecting batters, causing a glare.


  1. Tassi, gorgeous picture of you! What a fun night out!

  2. look so HOT!! and that spider and snake are a little too much for me in one day...i might have gone inside after that!

  3. How did you get that picture of the snake? Did you make Brooklyn hide in the grass? Creepy