Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Brooklyn and I were enjoying a nice day in the yard when we happened upon these creatures. Brooklyn kept telling me not to worry because they are her friends the spider and the snake.

What is the ugly white round thing underneath the spider?

I was weeding right in this flowerbed a few minutes before we saw this head.

Sorry nature lovers but I had to kill the spider. It was just too big to have around.

I apologize for the shaky video but the little bugger was too fast.


  1. Yikes is right! You are a brave woman to garden with mysterious creatures lurking around.

    How is your weather? Is it getting humid yet?

    Miss you all...

  2. Your writing voice sounds way too calm for a situation like this! I would have added many more exclamation marks!

  3. Im not sure I could come back to NC ever again. Getting stung by a stingray, seeing that spider and snake! no way, come to AZ if you want to see me! ha jk

  4. NASTY! Good job for killing it, I probably would have just screamed and ran away.

  5. NO WAY! I've only seen spiders like that in my dreams... scary dreams!