Thursday, June 12, 2008

Go Wallabies!!!

Brooklyn just finished up her first year of soccer. She loved it. The part she enjoyed the most was when the coach would blow his whistle. She would then blow her pretend whistle.

She loved playing goalie.

She is very intimidating on the field.

Camden was a great cheerleader. It was so blistery hot outside.

Brooklyn and Miles.

Their poor coach had no clue how to interact with 3-4 four year olds. It was very entertaining to watch.

Brooklyn has been sleeping with her trophy. The trophy is made to look like a girl with a ponytail. After she received it I told Brooklyn she has a ponytail like you. Brooklyn replies, "I know mom. It's me."


  1. I'm loving the posts! Your girls are so cute and I love the conversations you posted about. Looks like you guys are doing great!

  2. Summer has just started and you guys have already done so many fun things!! I can't believe how much Brooklyn looks like you..and she sounds so fun, with quite the personality..I can't wait to see what else the summer has in store from you!

  3. Love it! Brooklyn has grown up so much I can't believe it. She looks less like a toddler and more like the little girl she is.
    And tell her the trophy is her, it is.