Thursday, June 12, 2008


This past week we had Tatum and her boyfriend Chase for a visit. We took a day trip to the beach and it ended with Tatum being stung by a stingray. Yes that is the same thing Steve Irwin died from but Tatum's was in her ankle not her heart. She is recovering fine. Thankfully we had Chase here to help out.

Camden was much more confident at the beach. She is also walking.

Brooklyn is very wary when it comes to being in water especially when it involves putting her face all the way under. Brooklyn watched Castaway one night with Brandon. She was very much affected by Wilson floating away from Tom Hanks. She teared up and cried he is losing his friend.

Well Chase found it funny that Brooklyn was so concerned about the soccer ball touching the water. She told him to leave it on the sand. So Chase does the exact opposite and kicks into the water. My daughter likes to run or I guess you could call it prancing. But I have never seen her run like this before. She would make a track coach proud. She had no concern about her body or the water. She dove into the water face first to catch the soccer ball. With ball in hand she walked right up to Chase and set him straight where the ball needed to stay. She then walked up to me with a strut and a very confident almost cocky expression said, "I just went all the way underwater." I wish so bad I would have had a picture.


  1. Wow! Seriously that was classic of Brooklyn. I love that girl so much and miss sleeping in her room with her cuddling up to me! And then Camden waking up during the night and shinning my cell phone light at her and just seeing her staring at me! Thanks for a fun trip, other than the sting ray:( Don't worry I think I have told the story literally 15 times.

  2. Yea for Camden! I am so happy that she is walking. Looks like you guys had a great time.

  3. Chase wants you to know he didn't kick the ball on purpose to make Brooklyn freak out. He actually had forgotten, and just wanted to show off his mad skills! haha