Thursday, June 12, 2008

Virginia Beach Vacation

During the week of Memorial Day we had the opportunity to vacation at Virginia Beach with five other families from our old Pittsburgh Ward. We had so much fun reuniting with old friends and meeting new friends. Here are just a few pictures from the vacation.

Our family Sunday canoe ride.

Brandon was a great driver.

The big boys created a complex block stacking game. Each one kept trying to top the next boy until it crashed.

Can you see the intensity.

First day on the beach. The weather was beautiful.

Camden was a little unsure but got use to it rather quickly.

Brooklyn calls this swimsuit her cheerleader one. I have no idea were that came from.

We had one rainy day. Our family and our friends the Johnsons went to the Aquarium. Here is Brooklyn posing for the picture as her friend Felix is concentrating on the mist.

I know this picture is blurry but what a cutie. Rex was born after we had left Pittsburgh.

I thought this looked like Jaws in the movie coming towards the underwater tunnel. I think it's from Jaws 3.

This is us inside of Jaws mouth.

Oldest Lighthouse in U.S. government history.

Brandon and me on top of the oldest lighthouse. The one behind us is the new one that was completely constructed in Pittsburgh.

Scott and Brandon took Brooklyn and Felix for a canoe ride.

I hope there are enough pictures to satisfy you.


  1. What a great beach vacation! And Camden's walking! To answer the cheerleader swimsuit question, Brooklyn knows the true cheerleader colors are blue and red (hint, MVT)...oh wait, I mean USA!

  2. I would never expect my mother in law to be the one trash talking.