Monday, June 30, 2008

I've been Tagged

A*age 27

B*birthday March 6th
C*candy or cake The cake has to be Death by Chocolate Cake
D*dessert you love- Things made with good dark rich chocolate
E*easiest person to talk to-myself
F*favorite song-Such Great Heights
G*gold or silver-platinum
H*habit-too many
I*instruments you play-I wish
J*Job title-mom
L*love or lust-dumb
M*Married, single or taken-married
N*next to you-my phone
O*one wish-That is funny I was just asking Brandon about this. We just got done watching BIG. Hmmm. Right now I would wish for bugs to stop eating my plants.
P*person you called last-my sister in law Bethany
Q*Quotes-Be Aggressive Be Be Aggressive (Just came from gymnastics)
R*reasons to smile-My family
S*steak or pork-steak
T*turns you on-I am not going to answer this.
U*unique talent-I can't think of anything.
V*vegetable-Yes please.
W*woke up at what time-8:00AM
X*xrays you have had-Just Dental
Y*your favorite color-Red
Z*zodiac sign-Pisces


  1. you really can't think of a unique talent? how 'bout landscape consulting? :)

  2. I guess I think of unique as not very many people can do it.

  3. How about costume design? I'm still amazed at Brooklyn's Halloween dress. :) By the way...How did you get tagged? I see these things on people's blogs, and they're so fun.

  4. yay to find you in blogland! ;) tell you what, let's trade pics of the kids for some gardening tips!! how does that sound? your garden looks just gorgeous.

  5. deal ... :) family pics for gardening tips. looks like you have some good ones already on the blog header. i've got a lot to live up to. :)