Thursday, May 06, 2010

It's Been An Interesting Day

Brooklyn started her morning off with her shoes not feeling right. That always brings frustration from her, Brandon and me. Brooklyn also scraped her knees up and recess and had an accident in her PE class. It makes me sad that I can give her a hug when she is hurt at school. After Brooklyn arrived home from school her and I were downstairs finishing homework reading and I may have even dosed off for a few minutes. I was interrupted by Camden and her complaining about a white substance on her face and hands. I realized it was Elmer's glue. Then I proceeded with the questioning with the whereabouts of the glue. I walked up to the office and was surprised with a few large globs of glue on my computer keyboard, desk, mouse, and mirror. It also started to dry up on her body and I realized it was also all over her legs and in her hair. This really could have been a terrible day if I really let it get to me.

I did have some really good things happen today. I was able to attend a Mother's day lunch at Brooklyn's school. She is still at the age where she loves to see us, give hugs and kisses. She also made me a card. It is so fun to see her progress in her first year of school. I also love to watch my girls express their love to one another. Camden loves to run up to Brooklyn when she gets off the bus and give her a huge hug. Brooklyn has no shame and hugs her right back. Dallin is almost perfect all the time. I love his smiles and the way he can calm me down.

What a miserable life I would have as a mother if I focused on the negative things that happen. I would miss out on so much.

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