Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sabbath Day Headache

I may be the only one that feels this way but Sundays don't always feel like the day of rest. It usually begins with a daughter bugged by the way a dress is feeling and is not happy with what she picked out the night before to wear. Or I have a baby who maybe gets 3o minutes of sleep for his morning nap. Today was no different this morning. However I tried really hard to keep my cool with this one daughter as somehow by the time we left for church she was in good spirits and was happy with what she was wearing. We were able to walk into the chapel with just about a minute before the opening song. We were all in good spirits and I think sacrament went well. I always feel like we are the noisy family and people wish we would just take our kids out. I love attending my church meetings however I have really had to rely on my testimony of the Gospel to keep me coming with my kids. Sometimes it would just be much easier to sleep in and truly have a day of rest at home. It is my love for the Gospel and my love for my kids that keeps me going. I want them to have what I have. This last year I have really felt the importance as a mom to find ways to bear my testimony to my kids in simple ways. I love watching them catch on to different concepts. I am hoping this month will bring me more joy through the spirit.


  1. Oh, Tassi. Don't be silly. Of course you're not the only one who feels like Sunday isn't a day of rest! Sundays can be the worst! You're absolutely right though... in the end it will pay dividends if we persevere! I have to admit though... it's so nice to hear someone else has some of the same Sabbath morning dramas! ;-)

  2. Trust your kids aren't as loud as you think in sacrament. I have my list of families to avoid sitting near, yes a true list. Yes, I am that judgmental. Your family isn't on my list. I am not just saying that because you let me squeeze baby D at random.

  3. I feel bad even saying this...but I think Sunday is now my least favorite day of the week! It's a hassle just getting out the door, then you get to sacrament and it takes a lot of work to keep 3 kids quiet and entertained for 75 loooong minutes. Then it's off to the next two hours of more stress. There is nothing relaxing about this day. I know it's worth it but I have to agree, sometimes it really would just be easier to stay home.