Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Keeps Me Young

Nothing earth shattering happened today. Tonight I spent my evening at one of our monthly Relief Society activities. We are making quiet books. I have always wanted a quiet book but for some reason never had one or maybe I did I just don't remember. I was probably a very obedient quiet child and did not need such things. So I am now starting to make one for my kids. I am really excited to start this project for my kids but secretly I am more excited that I will finally get to play with one during sacrament meeting. Being a mom allows me to still stay some what young. I can play with toys, jump on a trampoline, and make quiet books and say it is for my kids. But really I enjoy all those activities just as much or more.

1 comment:

  1. I don't like jumping on the tramp, but Nate does. Poor Jake does not like to jump alone- so I cannot wait until summer so he can have his big sister around to jump with him.
    Right there - liking to jump- makes you so much more fun than me.