Friday, May 07, 2010

I've Lost My Marbles

I don't know about other mothers but in our family it is hereditary to lose your marbles. I am sure it goes back many generations. Here is an example of my mom losing her mind. Sorry mom.

It is New Years Eve day. Her and I are headed to the Zoo for some fun with other family. On our way there the DJ on the radio announces at noon they are going to have a hot chocolate toast at the zoo. When I repeated that to my mom she got really excited. Not just excited but almost awkwardly excited. She was also trying to figure out where they would have this celebration and where would they put everything. I told my mom I am sure it will be just in one of the open picnic areas or near the boats. I was a little confused as to why she was asking such simple questions. When we arrive we get there in time to have some lunch and prepare for the toast. Those that know my mom know she is addicted to her hot chocolate. She does not need a diet coke to kick start her day it is hot chocolate even when it is 115 degrees outside. She sees the hot chocolate and starts to question where the toast was and proceeds to walk over to the hot chocolate table to ask the staff where the toast was. It is at that moment that I realized a toast that you give at a celebration never crossed my mom's mind. She was looking for toasters plugged into an outlet that produce slightly crusty baked bread to dip into her hot chocolate. I then tell my brother and sister in law what our mom was doing. By the time she came back we were roaring with laughter. The funny thing she was still confused as to why the Zoo staff kept looking at her strangely every time she asked someone new where the toast was and why we were laughing so hard. Well let's just say this story comes up on many occasions as one of the best examples of losing your marbles or as we call it in our family, Arthellisms, named after my grandma Arthell Bingham.

So back to my day of losing my marbles. I realized tonight I was a whole week ahead of schedule. I asked Brandon to arrive home early tonight so we could attend Brooklyn's school's Spring Fling Carnival. We drove up to an almost empty school and it was then that I realized that it was in one more week. So just think if I am already acting in this manner I can't wait to see what stories my kids retell of me with the more marbles I lose.

The night turned out just lovely after we left the school. We went out as a family to eat and then played with an ipad at Best Buy. Here is to hoping the night can end with a win from the Suns.


  1. And it did! Way to go Suns!

    Tassi, Better to be ahead of schedule instead of behind!

  2. your kids are so cute!! And Ryan swears by the Sunday headaches! He use to get one every Sunday and I would try to tell him it's all in his head and guess who doesn't have Sunday headaches anymore...

  3. I have an excuse; I share a brain with Dorene. Since you don't share yours with a twin sister, you might be headed there quicker than you think. I'm sorry, Tassi!