Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Big Sister/Second Mom

I love all my sisters equally and have loved gaining sister in laws. So I hope to not offend anyone when I speak of just one in this post. We had a fun filled week when my sister Tobi dropped by on her way home from a London vacation. She has always been someone I have looked up to. She is beautiful, has fabulous hair, loves my kids, is very talented in many areas, and does not have one mean bone in her body. Well maybe one, when she calls people stupid. However she does say that is a term of endearment. As siblings we have all got a long very well growing up. I credit that to Tobi's example of her kindness and love she showed us. I am happy to witness Brooklyn following in her Aunt Tobi's footsteps. Even though she is not a mother to her own children she has definitely been an example of motherhood to me.

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  1. That is really sweet! Even if it isn't about me! :) I miss those cute babies!