Saturday, May 08, 2010

Today Was A Good Day

Last night Brandon and I realized we had no engagements we needing to be today. Hopefully it isn't because we forgot about something. We were really excited about the possibilities of nothing to do. I think it has been since before my upholstery class started that we have had a free Saturday. One of our most favorite things is walking around our flea market at the State Fair grounds and thinking of all the possibilities. I know some people would think that completely drab however we love it. We then ate at Which Which. If you have not been you must try it is delicious. We love Saturdays when we can pick and choose places to go and have no real time line of where we need to be. Here is to hoping for more free fun filled Saturdays. Oh and the Suns won last night.


  1. What is Which Which, and where is it?

    I love days like this too. It seems like they are so few and far between these days, huh? I'm glad y'all had a relaxed day to enjoy your sweet family.

    Oh, and you took an upholstery class?! When are you going to come over and reupholster my ottoman? ;-)

  2. It is actually Which Wich (as in Which Sandwich)...

    Best sandwich period.